Welcome to the District Grand Lodge!

The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, Ancient and Accepted Masons was erected in 1733. It is the third oldest Grand Lodge in the world and the oldest Grand Lodge in the Western Hemisphere.

The District Grand Lodge at the Panama Canal, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, oversees a district located in the Republic of Panama of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, having a District Grand Master appointed by the Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, and other Grand Officers, some elected and some appointed by the District Grand Master. The Masters and Wardens of the four constituent lodges of the district are members of the District Grand Lodge as are current officers and certain past officers who are designated as Permanent Members.

The Lodges composing the district are Sojourners Lodge, Ancon Lodge, Eloy Alfaro Lodge and Gatun Lodge.

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  1. Suzanne Brigman Bender says:

    I am researching my father’s history with Masonry after finding his certificate of admission to the Third Degree Masonry in the Panama Canal Zone Lodge in Ancon, C.Z. on the 19th Day of November, 1958. I also found his “Masonic Apron” and his Shriner’s fez of Abou Saad. Looking on-line, I was able to read (but not print) a brief history of the Lodge from inception in 1913 to around 1917. However, I am unable to find any CZ archives from 1958 until his death in 1991. His name was (Lt.Col.) James A Brigman, Sr.. I would like to include his Masonic and/or Shriner activities in memorial for my brother and grandsons. My Dad was an Army engineer, initially assigned to the CZ in 1953 to convert electrical projects, and he eventually retired there as Chief of Civil Defense around 1970-72. I was raised in the CZ from 3rd through 12th grade (1963). Any information you can supply will be most appreciated by our entire family.

  2. Johnny Wilford says:


    I am living in Panama for the past 3 years, I am a Mason and I am looking for a Lodge and brothers for fellowship. I am a citizen of Panama now, and my wife is from Panama. We both are teachers and teach at Oxford Scool Panama.

    My card is current, from my Lodge in Havana, Florida.

    Thank you, hope to hear from someone soo.


    Johnny Wilford

  3. Eric Price says:

    Hello! We have a charter from the U.S. but now that I’ve become a dual citizen of Panama. I would like to get a charter from Panama to the U.S. How can I make that happen? I will be flying to Panama next weekend.

    Eric Price
    32degree/Af &Am

  4. I would like to become a member within your organization, and also I saw a public open invitation sunday may 31st thru facebook in albrook building 13 and I would love to go there and learn more about this great lodge and brotherhood.
    for any further info please contact me back at my personal email either :
    goldeneagle70@hotmail.com or goldeneagle702014@gmail.com
    thank you guys so much and may God bless you all.

  5. nolan a. bissell jr says:


    • WM says:

      Hi Nolan,
      Please refer to the menu on this website for your particular Lodge and seek the Dues option.
      Some lodges will offer instructions on how to send payment, others will provide a PayPal option.
      If all else fails, please contact dgladmin@panamacanalmasons.org for further details.

      Bro William Sun

  6. Very Dear Brothers,
    I belong to the lodge No. 36 ‘In Labore Virtus’ ILV of the Zurich Orient in Switzerland since 25 years. I will be delivering a work on “The construction of the Panama Canal and the Freemasonry”. Looking for historical sources and material, I came across your facebook presence. Is there a possibility to get some hint as to where to find information on the role of freemasons at that time? I would be highly grateful for any help you can give me on the issue. Thank you very much in advance,

    • WM says:

      Hi Roy, there is a book that is actually called Masons and Masonry in the Panama Canal (https://www.amazon.com/Masons-masonry-Panama-Canal-1904-1914/dp/B0006EXQZG) that seems to tackle this subject.
      I can tell you that Masonry was very much involved in the construction of the Panama Canal as many of the overseas workers were already Masons and sought for different options to continue their work in the craft.
      I have a booklet that holds the history of the first 50 years of the Panama Canal District under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, we also added some more information to it when we met our 100 year mark this year.

      William Sun

  7. Baldemar "Bill Navejar says:

    I would like to connect with the Secretary of Ancon Lodge. I was a member of, and Senior Deacon in the Ancon Lodge in the 80’s. Please send me an address so I might send a formal letter to the Lodge to request reinstatement.

    Thank you,

    Baldemar “Bill” Navejar

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